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Special Needs Trust Lawyers In Sterling Heights

Special needs trusts are extremely useful in setting aside assets for minors and adult children who have mental or physical disabilities. If you would like to explore various options for providing financial protection for your loved ones with special needs, the lawyers at Bieber & Czechowski are ready to assist.

We are a Michigan law firm representing clients in Warren, Sterling Heights and throughout the state.

Clinton Township Special Needs Planning Attorney

One of the most common issues for those who care for a loved one with special needs is preserving that person's eligibility to qualify for certain government benefits such as Social Security (SSD or SSI), Medicaid and health insurance. To qualify for these assistance programs, the recipient can only own a limited amount of assets.

To continue to receive government benefits, we help clients create special needs trusts. We work with clients frequently who have enough money to support their special needs loved ones, but too much for the person to qualify for benefits. When you establish a trust, you can funnel money into it, thus setting aside money that can be used to provide your loved one with the quality of life you imagine.

Monthly benefits from government programs often cover very basic expenses. With a special needs trust, you can help with the extras for those you love: a nice home, nursing care, medical equipment and other things applicable to your situation. Your loved one will not have access to the trust funds, which is how they can still qualify for benefits.

Consult with one of our attorneys and together we will look closely at your family needs and discuss options for the best possible estate planning tools for you.

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