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Social Security Disability Attorneys In Warren

For most people who have worked during their lifetime, a portion of wages has gone into the Social Security system. The money collected is used to pay benefits to you if you become injured, disabled and unable to work. The Social Security Administration oversees the methods and procedures governing how you can obtain those benefits.

Social Security Disability (SSD) is one type of Social Security benefit paid and applies to those who have worked and now qualify as disabled. The process to getting your benefits, however, may prove to be more challenging than you expect or deserve. For that reason, consult with our Social Security Disability lawyers in Warren. At Bieber & Czechowski, we represent all Michigan clients and work to get you the benefits you earned and deserve.

Assistance At All Stages Of The SSD Process

Ideally, we will walk you through the life of your claim from the initial application to the final outcome. However, most clients consult us somewhere in between, usually once their claim was denied. Do not panic if you have been denied SSD benefits! It is actually common.

Do Not Waste Time!

You should, however, not waste any time in contacting us. The sooner we get involved, the better. You have the right to appeal and we will help you pursue victory in the form of back benefits, monthly payments and health insurance through Medicare.

If you fail to act fast after receiving the denial letter, you could lose your benefits for a year or longer. An initial denial is not the final word on your SSD claim. We have helped hundreds of clients and our partners have more than 30 years of experience each. We have a high success rate in SSD appeals. You owe it to yourself to sit down and discuss your case with us.

You have paid into the system, you have earned benefits and we will fight for your right to get what you deserve.

Schedule Your Free Consultation — Sterling Heights Lawyers To Appeal Social Security Disability

Find out how our attorneys are prepared to assist you during a complimentary consultation. Contact us at 586-467-5121. Our office is conveniently located near all major freeways for easy access.

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