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Make Sure You Decide What Happens To Your Estate

At Bieber & Czechowski, we strongly recommend that you review any will, trust, patient advocate form and/or power of attorney you may have. A new or revised document may be advisable. You should consider your current desires and whether there have been any significant changes in your life or finances.

You should call us if:

  • You are single.
  • You are recently divorced.
  • You are recently married.
  • You are on a second marriage.
  • One of your beneficiaries or your spouse has passed.

If you die or become incapacitated without an estate plan, shirttail relatives, a corporate guardian or the state will control your assets and decide who gets what upon your death. Don’t you want to make that choice yourself?

Revise Your Old Plan Or Create A New One

If you have a trust, you should be sure that the first beneficiary on your retirement accounts is an individual and the second beneficiary is your trust. If the individual beneficiary predeceases you, we must discuss nomination of an individual to replace that person.

You can give us a quick call to see if you should meet with us. If yes, then we are happy to meet with you to discuss your needs. Perhaps a family member needs to consider preparation of these documents. We very much appreciate your referrals. The best time to address these matters is now. As always, our services are available to you, your family and friends.

We Are Ready To Help

Our attorneys have over 80 years of combined estate planning experience and are prepared to assist you. Call our Warren office at 586-754-1450 or contact us online.