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Does Your Family Know Your Medical Wishes?

A patient advocate designation is a form that allows you to appoint someone to make medical decisions for you if you cannot do so yourself. Patient advocate forms are also known as living wills, advance medical directives and medical powers of attorney.

Many people do not want to think about such circumstances. If the time arises, however, having such a document in place will make your medical treatment decisions much easier and clearer for whomever you choose, as well as your family and loved ones.

At Bieber & Czechowski, our lawyers have decades of experience in estate planning and creating effective solutions for Michigan clients. Our patient advocate attorneys represent clients in Warren and throughout Macomb County.

Sterling Heights Attorneys For Living Wills

As your legal counsel, we will spend considerable time learning about you, your family and your objectives. Specifically, we will help you:

  • Choose a person you trust to make key medical decisions if necessary due to illness, an accident or other incapacitation. This could be a spouse, parent, child, sibling, other relatives or someone else close to you.
  • Decide the details regarding medical treatment you wish to receive. Such decisions include whether and when to administer life-saving measures and for how long. We can discuss details such as life support, feeding, resuscitation, medication and other specifics.

Deciding these issues now will not only give you peace of mind, but can also ease the stress your loved ones may feel in making future medical treatment decisions for you. We will help you create a plan specific to your preferences and needs.

We can also help you create a comprehensive estate plan to reflect your other goals such as financial planning, asset protection, creation of guardianships or conservatorships and more.

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