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Trusted Legal Help For Either Side Of A Trust Contest

Clients on either side of a trust dispute can find sound legal counsel and advocacy with the lawyers at Bieber & Czechowski. We are a Michigan firm in Warren and we serve clients throughout Macomb County and the state. Combined, our attorneys have more than 80 years of experience. Our entire team is highly qualified and knowledgeable in all areas concerning trust, will and estate litigation, estate planning and a full range of elder law services.

If you are a trust beneficiary, an heir or another interested party with concerns regarding the administration of the trust, we can advise you as to your options in challenging or contesting the trust. Most often, this involves investigating the actions of the trustee in fulfilling his or her obligations.

For trustees under scrutiny, we provide the step-by-step guidance you need to mount an effective defense. If you have been confronted about your actions as trustee and need advice about what steps to take next, we are ready to assist.

Contesting A Trust Can Be Complex

Regardless of your position in a trust litigation matter, the Bieber & Czechowski team can help protect your interests and obtain the best possible result. We are a well-established firm with a long history of exceptional client satisfaction and service. We are prepared to handle any trust contest involving:

  • No contest clauses
  • Undue influence allegations
  • Lack of capacity
  • Confusing or unclear language

As a client, you can expect we will be very involved in managing your case, keeping you informed and involved and acting with a high level of ethics and professionalism. We will represent your best interests from start to finish.

Discuss Your Contested Trust Today

Call the firm that clients keep coming back to. Call us at 586-754-1450 or send us a message. Our main office is in Center Line, in the heart of Warren, Michigan.