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Personalized Bankruptcy Services

Wage and bank garnishments, credit cards, medical bills, and falling behind in vehicle and mortgage payments happen to good people who find themselves in bad circumstances. We can help. Our firm will provide you with one-on-one assistance through every step of the process, unlike other firms where you may never speak to or see the same attorney twice.

I'm Considering filing bankruptcy, what should I do now?

Just the thought of filing bankruptcy can be overwhelming. Many people ask if they should continue to pay on credit cards? Mortgage payments? Car payments? Should I pay off that loan to a family member now? What if I transfer a car out of my name? Would it be wise to take a 401k loan instead of filing bankruptcy?

These questions require thoughtful answers, as your actions before you file your case can and do have consequences afterword. Contact us immediately for a free consultation. We can discuss the best strategies to protect your assets.

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Our main office is located in Center Line, which is in the heart of Warren, Michigan. To speak with a bankruptcy specialist attorney at our firm, call 586-467-5121, or contact us by e-mail.

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