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Providing Comprehensive Legal Services For Landlords And Property Managers

The first time most property managers or landlords think of seeking legal services is when they need to evict a tenant. Our team has developed a system to evict tenants for every legal reason, from failure to pay rent to damage to your property to terminating a lease to sell the property. Our clients simply email us the necessary information, and we handle the eviction, from filing suit to the physical eviction, if necessary.

Because Bieber & Czechowski, PLLC has always sought to provide comprehensive legal services to all of our clients, we go far beyond evictions for our landlords and property managers. We draft and close leases and land contracts, set up limited liability companies (LLCs) to protect your investors, provide estate planning services, and review, draft, and negotiate all manner of contracts and real estate transactions. Our clients get all of the benefits of having in-house counsel, but by paying only for the individual services they need, they also keep the benefit of reduced costs.

You can call or contact us through our website to discuss how our team can best support your business. These are the most commonly requested services we provide:

  • Evictions
  • Leases and land contracts
  • Management agreements and other contracts
  • Collections
  • LLC and other business entity formation
  • Lease negotiation
  • Effects of tenant bankruptcy on a lease
  • Estate planning for business owners

Out-Of-State Landlords Or Property Owners

If you are an out-of-state landlord with property in Michigan, we can protect your interests and represent you while you are out of state. We can assist with landlord-tenant issues such as the legalities of eviction or enforcement of nonpayment. We are familiar with local eviction laws and can represent you in any legal proceedings. You can have peace of mind by having a highly skilled, local landlord-tenant attorney taking care of your legal matters for you.

Serving Commercial Landlords

For many local businesses, the lease of its primary location is the most costly and important contract the business is a party to. Bieber & Czechowski, PLLC represents landlords in drafting, negotiating, closing, modifying and terminating these leases.

One of the best investments you as a landlord or property manager can make is having one of our experienced attorneys review your commercial lease before you and your business accept liability for tens of thousands of dollars and commit yourselves to years. We can often review the lease, write a detailed memorandum explaining the important aspects of the lease and sit down to discuss the matter with you within 24 hours. Contact our office before committing your business!

Post-Eviction Or Move-Out Collections

We understand that owning a rental property is a business. Like any other business, it is important for you to recover your accounts receivable. Once the tenant is gone, our firm puts its 30-plus years of collection experience to work. We provide aggressive collection activities, including investigators to locate debtors, seeking judgments to validate debts and all manner of garnishments.

We welcome all types of creditors, including landlords, contractors, medical providers, collection agencies, insurance companies and financial institutions.

Contact Our Lawyers

For answers to your questions about landlord rights, call our Macomb County, Michigan, law office at 586-754-1450. You can also contact us online. Our office is in Center Line, in the heart of Warren, Michigan.