What rules must landlords follow?

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Rental income could provide a great way for someone to recoup money on a real estate purchase. Converting floors or rooms in a Michigan house into apartments might not be challenging, but troubles may arise when attempting to follow the law for renting to tenants. Not every new landlord knows how to comply with regulations, and oversights could get a property owner into trouble.

Landlords need to follow certain rules

State laws vary, but entering without permission stands among the most prominent rules regarding landlord-tenant relationships. A landlord may send a tenant a written request to enter the rental and provide the tenant with ample notice. For example, the landlord could tell the tenant that a smoke detector inspection is necessary within the next 48 hours. However, landlords cannot enter rentals at their discretion at any time they feel like it.

Similarly, landlords must follow state rules regarding evictions. Forcibly removing a tenant for being one day late on the rent is not likely legal. Landlords must follow the process for removal as it exists under Michigan statutes.

Additional rules for landlords

It is illegal for landlords to discriminate against potential tenants. Refusing to rent to someone based on age, race or religion could result in a lawsuit. In addition, laws exist to prevent unfair rent increases without notice. Landlords can’t abuse tenants by raising the rent without warning to cover unforeseen expenses.

Landlords will benefit from making sure the language in a lease is clear. Clear legal language may help avoid confusion, so investing in landlord and creditor services might be beneficial to avoid future legal disputes.

An attorney may help a landlord follow Michigan law to ensure that renting to tenants goes as smoothly as possible. An attorney may help with writing a lease and handling other contract-related matters.