A landlord’s duty to make repairs in a timely manner

On Behalf of | May 24, 2022 | Landlord And Creditor Services

While tenants might often be hesitant to bring problems to landlords, it is imperative to remember that landlords have a duty to address issues and make repairs in a timely manner. These repairs range from minor problems to those that challenge tenant safety and the property’s habitability. Landlords are wise to act quickly to resolve tenant complaints.


While the bulk of a landlord’s maintenance responsibilities occur in the realm of standard repairs, there are many problems that are considered emergencies. These are issues with the rental property that could threaten the health and safety of the tenants. An emergency can mean the lack of running water, unsecure entrances, no heat, or rodent or insect infestation. In the event that the emergency could result in tenants not being able to live in the property for a few days until the repairs are made, then the landlord typically has three to seven days to make the repairs. As a landlord, it is crucial you act quickly to rectify these issues and protect the safety of the tenants and the entire property.

Standard repairs

There is much more leeway given to items considered “standard repairs” even though they should still be completed in a timely manner. Numerous issues arise due to simple wear and tear – the stress placed on a rental property over time. From torn screens and dripping faucets to loose floorboards and squeaky stairs, these issues must be resolved within 30 days of the complaint. The tenant might attempt to fix the issue themselves and make matters worse. The landlord must quickly address these issues to ensure they are fixed correctly and do not turn into a cascade of damage.

As a landlord, it is your duty to address concerns and make repairs in a timely manner. This can protect the safety of the rental unit and preserve the health of the tenants.