When it’s time for the kids to take care of the parents

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2022 | Estate Planning

As parents get older and need to be taken care of, the responsibility often shifts down to the children. Sometimes, the way to share the load is obvious, but it’s not always so easy. Either way, it’s a mistake to wait until your parents in Michigan need help before deciding how siblings should share the responsibility.

Putting it off will only make things harder

There may be some butting of heads that necessitates conflict resolution, whether it’s multiple siblings wanting to take charge of estate planning or nobody wanting to. In other cases, everyone might be equally unsure of what to do.

Deciding with your siblings how to shoulder the responsibility of taking care of their elderly parents isn’t always easy. But it only makes things harder if you put it off until your parents are already unable to take care of themselves.

It’s best to do it before you’re faced with the situation so you can work together and decide on a plan that everyone feels good about. It will be well worth it when it comes time to enact that plan.

Go into the conversation with a plan

This isn’t usually an easy conversation to have unless your parents are already receptive to the idea, but it’s best to bite the bullet as early as possible. While there’s no one secret weapon to take the awkwardness out of it, it helps to be up-front and go in with a plan.

You might start by talking with your siblings to outline your game plan. You can plan out the way you’ll broach the subject and structure the conversation.

Even if some siblings will be unable to help financially, there are still plenty of other ways they can contribute. Helping with the logistics of care and household duties can make a huge difference.

When talking to both your siblings and your parents, be careful not to assume anything. Ask as many questions as possible.