You May Qualify For SSI Benefits

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a type of Social Security benefit paid to disabled children and adults with limited income and limited assets. Many of those eligible for SSI benefits have not worked enough to pay into the Social Security system, but still need financial benefits to live on due to a disability or an illness.

Even if you have never worked and are now disabled, you still may be entitled to benefits. Consult the experienced Social Security Disability/SSI lawyers at Bieber & Czechowski. We are a Michigan firm in Warren, serving clients like you throughout the state. Combined, our attorneys have more than 80 years of experience and service in this area of the law. We are knowledgeable and dedicated advocates, determined to fight for our clients’ rights to receive important and necessary benefits.

Each step of the SSI application process can be complicated and lengthy. Your best option is to first sit down with us to discuss your situation. We will walk you through the process for qualifying, applying and, if necessary, appealing.

Time Is Of The Essence — Your Rights To Benefits May Be Ticking Away

There is a timeline for everything within the Social Security program, including applications and appeals for SSD benefits. We will walk you through the requirements and make sure everything is done timely and accurately.

One of the most important things to remember is to act quickly if you are denied Social Security Disability or SSI benefits. As soon as you get the letter that says “Decision” on it, contact us immediately. We will begin preparing your appeal and ensure that you do not lose this important chance to appeal. Once the time lapses, your right to appeal is gone and you may lose your chance to obtain benefits.

Again, the earlier we are involved in the process, the more comprehensive we can be in helping you. We will fight for your rights to the benefits you need.

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