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Addressing Your Property Division Concerns

Besides children, financial issues occupy the biggest slice of the pie in terms of what couples fight about during a divorce. In Michigan, property is divided based on whether it is considered marital property or separate property. Our state is also an equitable distribution state, which means that each piece of property does not always get divided equally, or 50/50. Other factors receive consideration to arrive at a final determination, such as the income, age, health and conduct of the spouses during the marriage.

Do you understand your rights and what to expect in the property division portion of your divorce? If not, seek counsel from our experienced attorneys at Bieber & Czechowski. We help clients throughout Michigan obtain a fair and equitable division of assets and debts, including:

  • Marital homes and other real estate
  • Cash
  • Investments
  • Retirement assets
  • Vehicles
  • Businesses
  • Other things such as education and degrees
  • Debts and expenses

We Fight For The Best Outcome For You

Property division takes into account everything owned and owed by the spouses. It can creatively account for things such as one spouse’s financial support for the other spouse to obtain a degree and better employment. Our role in the process is to identify the entire marital estate, valuate everything and then negotiate or litigate the best possible marital property division award. We will work with you to respond to your needs and help you achieve the result you want.

Second And Subsequent Marriage Issues

A common issue we handle involves property division when a spouse dies and the surviving spouse is from a second marriage. Often, our clients have questions about who will inherit between the second spouse, shared children and children from prior relationships. This is something we can help you plan and prepare for so that you understand and make meaningful choices to reflect your estate planning wishes.

Discuss Your Divorce Today

Our lawyers are ready to help you protect your assets in divorce. Call our office at 586-754-1450 or fill out our online form. Our law office is in Center Line, in the heart of Warren, Michigan.