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Ancillary Probate Lawyers In Michigan

Ancillary probate refers to an additional probate proceeding, other than the primary probate that occurs in the decedent's home state.

The lawyers at Bieber & Czechowski assist personal representatives and family members with the probate process in Michigan. Our probate practice is comprehensive and we cover all local clients, as well as out-of-state decedents who have property in Michigan. In those circumstances, we help clients directly and we work collaboratively with out of state attorneys in making a smooth transition through our local procedures. We are in Warren, but routinely work with clients located nationally.

If you are a family member, personal representative or attorney of someone who died living in another state and owning Michigan property, you can rely on our familiarity with Michigan courts and rules. We provide effective and efficient legal services to assist with the ancillary probate process. Each of our partners has more than 30 years of experience in probate and estate administration, elder law and estate planning. Together with our staff, we operate as a team to deliver sound legal advice and strategies to our clients.

Ancillary Proceedings Attorneys In Michigan

Typically, our ancillary probate services deal with the probate proceeding to handle the sale or transfer to heirs real estate located in Michigan. We can, however, also help clients with property registered and titled in Michigan or that which is attached to Michigan real estate, such as:

  • Cars
  • Boats
  • Other motor vehicles
  • Business licenses
  • Rights to natural resources

Whether the decedent died with a will or trust, or died intestate, we are equipped to answer your questions and help you meet every requirement of the Michigan probate process.

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