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Estate Planning For LGBT Individuals And Families

While estate planning is important for all individuals, LGBT individuals, couples and their families have particular incentive to plan their estates deliberately. Without enforceable, written planning in place, the personal and financial affairs of LGBT people are subject to legal “default” rules that were not designed with their needs in mind.

The lawyers of Bieber & Czechowski have over 80 years of combined legal experience with estate planning, including helping same-sex couples in the Warren area and throughout Michigan.

What Happens Without An Estate Plan?

Michigan’s legal default rules favor relationships based upon court-recognized marital or biological ties and do not currently recognize LGBT relationships between unrelated loved ones or friends. Although same-sex couples may now marry, the default rules may still thwart the intentions of many LGBT individuals and couples. Estate planning remains important even for LGBT people whose closest relationships are with their biological family because deliberate estate planning guides and assists those who step into your shoes in the event of disability or death.

When you ignore these matters and become disabled or die without a legally enforceable, written estate plan of your own, Michigan law “writes” your estate plan for you and decides who is in charge and who gets what. The person closest to you could be shut out of decision-making in your greatest time of need. The key to enforcing your personal desires is proper planning and preparation.

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